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Dr. Fatima Abubakar

Country: Nigeria

Religious affiliation: Islam

Peace for sustainable peaceful coexistence.

Head of Department & Lecturer of Religious Studies, Gombe State University, Nigeria. 

Dr Fatima Abubakar, is a university academic and has been a lecturer of Religious Studies for more than 15 years teaching, supervising academic research and examining master and doctoral works. She has worked in areas such as Islamic history, religious dialogue and interfaith relationships. She has published articles and contributed to books in the areas of Islam, Relationship between Muslim and non-Muslims, and Islamic history. She has also participated in dialogues, especially among students, religious and community leaders, which has proved how human thoughts could influence perceptions about peace through dialogue. She identified that dialogue is key in reducing the friction of crisis in any multi-religious societies. She is a peace maker hoping to see everyone living in harmony despite multi-religious and multi-cultural differences.

Research on interreligious and intercultural relationships in her geopolitical zone (Northeast Nigeria) made her to conclude that problems associated with interreligious and intercultural dialogue exist in every religion. Her interests include creating awareness on how to live in peace and harmony irrespective of your religious and cultural affiliation.