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Dr. Abed Alfattah Al Samman

Country: Jordan

Religious affiliation: Islam

Dr. Abed Alfattah Al Samman is an international expert in religious media and dialogue of civilizations; a trainer for religious leaders on communications skills; an international observer in the United States for educational diversity; a human development trainer; and a specialist in behavioral modeling. He works as a lecturer at the World Islamic Science and Education University in Jordan and is a guest of the Hashemite councils. He is also a media consultant to the Imams and Preachers Qualification Centre, an accredited trainer for the Ministry of Awqaf in Jordan, as well as a trainer with the World Union for Trainers and several other international and local human development institutions.


Dr. Samman holds a doctorate in modern media from Al-Hayat University, certified by the Association of Arab Universities. He has a rich experience in preparing and presenting satellite television and radio programmes. He has also participated at several international conferences. In addition, he is the author of a book entitled: “The Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) Resources – Financial Prophetic Biography” as well as dozens of articles and reviews.