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Deodat Persaud

Country: Guyana

Religious affiliation: Hinduism

Leave the world a better place than you met it

Chairman at Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha - East Berbice Praant

Deodat Persaud is a Hindu priest and community leader dedicated to human rights and community development. With a  background in elections management and youth leadership, he served as Commissioner at the Ethnic Relations Commission and Assistant Registration Officer at the Guyana Elections Commission. Deodat has proven his commitment to transparent governance and the principles of fairness.

A trailblazer, Deodat is the youngest person to have served on the Ethnic Relations Commission, showcasing his early dedication to fostering harmony and equality. His recent international exposure as a US Community Solutions Program fellow reflects a global perspective, enriching his understanding of diverse cultures and global issues.

As the founder of the Golden OM Dharmic Youth Organisation, Deodat actively engages in community empowerment, youth leadership, and cultural preservation. His commitment extends to teaching courses on Peace and Conflict Resolutions at the Guyana Center for Civic Engagement, another organization he has founded. This demonstrates passion for education and fostering social cohesion.

He serves as a Hindu priest at the Reliance Settlement Sanatan Mandir and is the current Chairman of the East Berbice Praant of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha; Guyana's largest Hindu body.

He holds Master's degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration. 

With ongoing pursuits in civic engagement and a rich tapestry of experiences, Deodat Persaud continues to make significant strides in contributing to a more inclusive, harmonious and just society.