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Bishop Isaac Muthengi

Country: Kenya

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Creating lasting solutions to poverty, ignorance and social injustices

Bishop, Brilliance Family Churches, Tanzania.

Bishop Isaac Muthengi is the founder and the C.E.O of Brilliance Family International.  He is the presiding Bishop of Brilliance Family Churches. He has systematically engaged in interreligious dialogue as a trainer, organizer, and coordinator, while working at Brilliance Family Seminaries. He holds a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) from Bakke Graduate University, Dallas, Texas, United States of America. As a Minister, he leads transformation in cities, he teaches the Bible, family counseling, and teaches on Christian marriage, and theology. Isaac is one of the many facilitators of Theology of Work, a program administered by Mustard Seed Foundation and Bakke Graduate University. He is committed to making know the manifold wisdom of God to all humanity.