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Ayaz Mahmood Lashari

Country: Pakistan

Religious affiliation: Islam

To make the world particularly Pakistan a peaceful place to live.

Regional Head at Religious Affairs & Auqaf Department Punjab Pakistan

Ayaz Mahmood Lashari is from Pakistan working as zonal Administrator (Regional Head) in Auqaf & Religious Affairs Department under Government of Punjab province Pakistan. He is Ex Administrator Badshahi Mosque Lahore, the third largest mosque in the world and Deputy Director Ulema Academy, the official training institute of Religious Affairs Department. He has been working in Religious Affairs Department since last seventeen years to promote interreligious and intra religious peace and harmony. He served in different parts of the country having vast experience in Interreligious and Intercultural environment. He has done master degrees in Public Administration, Islamic Studies, English Literature, History and Political Science. His M.phil Degree is in Political Science and research topic was "Muslim-Christian Dialogue in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects". He is a PhD Scholar in International Relations and his area of interest is Religion and Peace. His expertise are in Interreligious peace building and he had arranged many intra faith and interfaith conferences and trainings.