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Andrea Mareyli Flores

Country: El Salvador

General Programme Coordinator, CREDHO Association

Andrea Mareyli Flores is the General Programme Coordinator for the CREDHO Association, under the inspiration of the Anglican Episcopal Church. She is an educator for peace, with experience working in the prevention of violence against children, young people and urban and rural women. She has created playful pedagogical tools used for working in early childhood and is the winner of the 2018 Arigatou International global award for ‘Most Committed Facilitator.’ Having studied psychology and feminism, she has trained in, and now promotes, processes in the prevention of violence against girls and women, prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, sexual and reproductive health, femininity, self-care and female self-defence, as well as training in cooperative games, conflict resolution and social theatre. She is a specialist and international trainer in intercultural and interreligious accompaniment for Arigatou International, in Geneva. She works in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, training in psychosocial, community and gender-based processes, working with an integral and holistic approach.