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Ahmed Almahnashi


Country: Saudi Arabia

Religious affiliation: Islam

Nations are built through dialogue and coexistence

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Islamic Christian Studies at the University of Balamand, Social Development Association in Al-Qafl

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Development Association, and Director of the Department of Change and Development in the governmental sector, Human Resources Consultant, and Founder and Consultant of many civil society's organizations. Holds a Master’s degree in Interfaith Dialogue (Muslim Christian), researcher and academic in Interfaith Dialogue and Dialogue Centers. He has many researches in the field of dialogue and cultures, and receiver of many local and international awards, the most prominent of which is the International Award at the International Forum for Social Responsibility in the European Union - Brussels, as the best social work idea, performance, and implementation in 2019. Holder of the Jizan Award for Excellence and Creativity, as the best government employee in all government departments in 2018, along with the Arab Achievers Award in social responsibility from the Arab Republic of Egypt. He received many thanking rewards for his national, social, humanitarian, and international participation, the most important of which is thanks and appreciation from the Kuwaiti Prime Minister at the thirteenth International Media Forum in Kuwait. He was honored by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Jazan Region, for his distinction, and he was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from the African Peace Movement and from the University of Cambridge in humanitarian entrepreneurship. He went through different experiences, the most important of which is that of the Greater Istanbul Municipality. He participated in the King Salman Program for Human Resources. One of the founders of the Toastmasters Cultural Club and has many National initiatives at the southern border of the Kingdom. He organized and participated in many training and development programs and courses during Covid-19 crisis and after it. He contributed to achieving the Kingdom’s vision of volunteering with more than 15 entities, documenting more than (6500) volunteering hours on the volunteering work platform during the past three years only.

He is currently involved in dialogue and spreading the culture of countering violence and hate speech and promoting peaceful coexistence.