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Abdulghaffar Sabir Khourshid


Country: Iraq

Religious affiliation: Islam

I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to and be whoever we want. What we are, the world is, so be the brightest and if you believe, you can achieve.

Member of High Friday Preach, High Board of Friday Preach - Ministry of Religious Affairs

Abdulghaffar Gardy is specialized in intercultural and interreligious dialogue, Co-existence and Diversity. 

He has extensive exerpaince in peacebuilding processes based on his recent personal enocounters and work on countering violent extremism in Iraq.  

After ISIS militant group's attacks he is involved in the rehabilitation work which includes raising awareness on the human rights, co-existence and positive peace building in the communities. 

He has participated in different activities and events of KAICIID in Kurdistan Region, the Northern part of Iraq. He is well-known as the " Sheikh of Peace Building and Co-existence" in his City (Erbil) Capital of Kurdistan Region. 

He orghanizes round tables for the faith leaders in his community which has about ten religions; Muslims, Christianity, Jewish Kakai, Yazidi, Bahai, Mandai, Zoroastrians.

He has visited Shengal and Sheikhan after the attacks of ISIS groups to visit the victims and survivors of Yazidi people and to help them.

He is currently the member of Gender Based Violence Committee and the Board of Religious Khutbas in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.