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Abdul Hamid Kishk Bashir Yandu

Country: Ghana

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Hausa

Expertise: Education, Islamic Law

Religious affiliation: Islam

Founder, Al-Islaah Center

Sheikh Kishk has a decade of experience as an imam, teacher and sscholar, calling to Islam an and dispelling misconceptions about Islam. With he founded the Al-Islaah Center, a think tank to propagate peacebuilding, tolerance, conflict management, capacity building and interfaith dialogue. He also heads the Islamic Ummah of Ghana, an NGO focused on educating Muslims and non-Muslims on the need for peaceful coexistence for socio-economic development. He holds a master’s degree in Islamic law and is currently pursuing a PhD in Islamic law, ethics and politics.

Sheikh Kishk wants to see a world where people live peacefully irrespective of their religious differences and are awarded opportunities regardless, and he has traveled across Africa to emphasise the need for peaceful coexistence. He is a member of the Interfaith Dialogue on Violent Extremism and of the African Union Interfaith Dialogue Forum.

Sheikh Kishk has a decade of experience as an imam, teacher and scholar, having focused much of his career on dispelling misconceptions about Islam.