What We Do

MultiReligious Collaboration for the Common Good

The Multireligious Collaboration for the Common Good (MCC) programme comprised country projects in Tanzania and Indonesia to build capacity to undertake IRD to strengthen social cohesion. The projects were led by KAICIID field experts and affiliates of Religions for Peace (RFP) . Tanzania and Indonesia share a governmental and societal priority in constructively managing diversity in their societies. The local RfP affiliates were well-placed to support local KAICIID Field Experts in their work.

The programme in each country focussed upon three pillars of activity:

  1. Dialogue Capacity Building to strengthen of interreligious dialogue platforms
  2. Dialogue in Support of Child Wellbeing
  3. Dialogue in Support of Interreligious Education

The MCC programme emphasized flexibility by empowering the field experts and local interreligious councils to adapt and tailor activities to meet the needs of the local communities. As a result, in Indonesia where KAICIID’s expert Ms Wiwin Rohmawati collaborated with the Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation among Civilisations (CDCC), consultation groups of academics and religious leaders from across the country produced the following:

  • Four Modules on Peace Education in Indonesian which were launched in June 2016
  • A Baseline Study of IRD in Indonesia, covering some 2000 individuals in five cities, which Indonesian organizations have requested permission to use and develop further (delivered in July 2016

In Tanzania, field expert Bakari Ally collaborated with the Interreligious Council for Peace, Tanzania (IRCPT)  to deliver:

  • A Baseline Study of IRD in Tanzania
  • Peace Education and Training Curriculum
  • Child Welfare Manual for Religious Leaders