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Mapping Dialogue for Peace


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“What if you could illustrate religion’s relationship with conflict, but also with peace, coexistence, human rights and development?”

Conflict in the name of religion is a fact of life for everyone these days. From terrorist actions against media, to the chilling rhetoric of the “Islamic State”, to bloody tensions devolving around religious lines in Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the media is flooded with examples of people who use their religion as an excuse to commit violence.

But this is only one part of the story.

All over the world, and since the beginning of time, there are a far larger number of people who are motivated by their religious beliefs to pursue peace and tolerance.

KAICIID’s Peace Mapping Project is an interactive, online, crowd-sourced database that seeks to map these opposing paradigms.

On the one hand, it acknowledges and documents existing tensions and conflicts in the name of religion. On the other, it documents the numerous actions of those people who seek to bridge differences through interreligious dialogue.

The Peace Mapping Project is a tool for students, researchers, policymakers and dialogue experts to learn about several hundred organisations that are committed to interreligious dialogue: be it conflict resolution, upholding human rights, education or development.

The project aims to go even further: to explain what makes interreligious dialogue intervention unique, efficient, and a sustainable path for peaceful coexistence for us all. 

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