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Online Resources and Inspiring Stories in the Time of COVID-19

17 April 2020

Religious leaders, communities and organizations all over the world are rapidly responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders have moved much of their pastoral work online, and continue to provide guidance and solace to those suffering from anxiety, fear, isolation and bereavement. Faith-based organizations are stepping up to support communities in need and educate others about avoiding infection. Religious communities are taking action to ensure that there is adequate social provision for vulnerable groups.

At KAICIID, we are reaching out to inspire people to take action and respond to the needs of their communities. We are showcasing stories of hope from diverse religious communities around the world and highlighting resources and training on how to use online tools to worship, spread messages of cooperation and engage in practical measures to alleviate suffering.

Below you will find stories, testimonials and statements highlighting how religious leaders, friends of KAICIID and our Fellows are helping the vulnerable and calling for renewed solidarity in their communities. You will also find tools for e-worship, webinars, meeting tools and even reading recommendations.

On social media, you can find these stories, testimonials and initiatives under our hashtag #ReligionsRespond. Community organizations, religious congregations, medical professionals, religious leaders, social activists, individuals, families, friendship circles and social networks all have a shared, global commitment to supporting one another in these difficult times.

We also produced a series of publications including “Interfaith Dialogue in Action” and "Overcoming Everyday Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic".