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In 2013, WOSM and KAICIID signed a memorandum of understanding to work together in this field of dialogue. Since then, KAICIID has become one of WOSM’s key partners, developing many joint activities at many events within and outside of Scouting. This started with the provision of an insightful and effective training for the Interreligious Forum of World Scouting on how organisations and individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, ethnicities and nationalities can better

communicate and work together. This document is one of the outcomes of this collaboration, which we hope will spread the practice of dialogue worldwide.

In this document, we explore the many roots and manifestations of dialogue, always with the aim of instilling an attitude of peace and of respect towards others in the hearts of all young people.

This document provides guidance to NSOs and NSAs on how to instil dialogue in our hearts and minds as a value, rather than just a skill. It builds a foundation for dialogue in our Movement and strengthens the Scouting value system. Through this document, we offer a clear path to any young person wanting to become what we call, a dialogical Scout.

This is one of the ways to create a better world, and to achieve global peace. The Dialogue for Peace Programme is part of the Better World Framework and the Scouts Global Network, working in close collaboration with the Scout World Programmes, Regional and national level initiatives.