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The African Union Interfaith Dialogue Forum (AU-IFDF) was developed as an African Union Programme by the Citizens & Diaspora Directorate (CIDO). The 1st Interfaith Dialogue Forum was launched in Abuja, Nigeria in 2010 under the theme “Advancing Justice, Peace, Security and Development in Africa: Harnessing the Power of Religious Communities in Africa.” The aim of the AU-IFDF is to create a continent-wide inclusive and representative body of faith-based organizations (FBOs) and to harness their efforts to support AU programmes and activities. 

Specifically, the AU-IFDF contributes the AU's role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Through the advocacy and promotion of a common understanding of interfaith dialogue, informing its members of the development agenda and environmental protection, and engaging in humanitarian action, AU-IFDF contributes to the promotion of human rights, and championing the causes of youth, women and children. 

This document is a Report of an independent review the AU-IFDF, with an emphasis on the activities of its Steering Committee in facilitating the representation and impact of the FBOs in AU decisions and structures.