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02 Apr 2020
Webinar: Emergence of Women Leadership in International IRD Organizations

Has the IRD movement reached a point where it can shed its traditional image?

The history of the interreligious dialogue (IRD) movement has often been described as predominantly male. This has also been reflected, overall, in the leadership of international IRD organizations.

Without the equal participation of women in decision-making at all levels, peace, sustainable development, and justice cannot be achieved. Inclusive participation also ensures that women’s voices and perspectives inform policies and actions. This is particularly important in order for international IRD organizations to be impactful and credible within the global community.  Yet women remain underrepresented in many areas of interreligious work, especially at the highest levels.

Prof. Patrice Brodeur will present and examine the questions: has the IRD movement reached a point where it can shed its traditional image? What are the next steps to ensure inclusive leadership? 

We will also welcome Heidi Rautionmaa, Board member of European Network on Religion & Belief and Chair of the Religions for Peace Women of Faith Network and Faiths Without Borders in Finland. Based on her leadership roles in numerous international organizations, Heidi will speak about key women leaders within interreligious dialogue, as well as what organizations and individuals can do to ensure inclusion. Sharing experiences from the field, she will also examine the need for women to be active voices on community issues such as conflict prevention and resolution. 

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