• Human Voices: Using Personal Stories to Promote Inclusion and Empathy for Europe's Refugees

    Human Voices: Using Personal Stories to Promote Inclusion and Empathy for Europe's Refugees

  • 19 members of the KAICIID-supported Network for Dialogue attended a three-day retreat in Caux, Switzerland (LeighAnn Shafiq/KAICIID)
    Network for Dialogue

    Network for Dialogue Retreat Injects New Energy into Work with Refugees and Migrants

  • Africa

    We Can Work Together To Build A More Just And Peaceful Future For All

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World Press Freedom Day: 10 Reasons Why Press Freedom is Vital for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue


Statement from the Secretary General

Religious leaders and practitioners at IDPF's "Building and Sustaining the Culture of Peaceful Elections in Nigeria: The Role of the Faith and Traditional Leaders" held in 2022. (Photo: Godwin Oisi Studios/KAICIID)

Building an Architecture of Peace: Faith Leaders Fostering Resilience and Unity in Nigeria


Network for Dialogue Member Amina Khalid Believes Peace that Begins at Home Can Change the World

KAICIID Fellows Senior Programme Manager Kyfork Aghobjian, KAICIID Deputy Secretary General Ambassador António de Almeida-Ribeiro, KAICIID Secretary General Dr. Zuhair Alharthi, 2022 Fellow Justine Auma, Documentary Producer Yves Briceño

A KAICIID Fellow's Journey Sheds Light on the Impact of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue for Peace and Understanding


Expert Meeting Ahead of European Policy Dialogue Forum Focuses on the Needs of Young Refugees

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Do you want to learn how you can promote peace through dialogue? KAICIID is a hub of networks and resources including online courses in interreligious dialogue, a library of promising practices, and a database where you can get to know the major figures in dialogue around the world.


Our Mission

We promote and employ interreligious dialogue (IRD) to support conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable peace and social cohesion; to promote mutual respect and understanding among different religious and cultural groups; and to counteract the abuse of religion to justify oppression, violence and conflict.

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Europe Region Programme

KAICIID’s Europe Region programme envisions a continent where religious actors and policymakers have established channels of communication, listen to one another’s concerns and provide support and...
ToT Game

Incorporating Dialogue into the Scouts Programme

Recognising the important role young people play in contributing to the strengthening of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence within their...

Peace and Reconciliation Through Interreligious Dialogue in Nigeria

With over 182 million inhabitants comprising over 500 ethnic groups (according to the 2015 census), Nigeria has an almost even split between Islam...