What We Do

The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) seeks to bring religious leaders and political decision-makers together to develop and implement multilateral social cohesion building and conflict resolution initiatives. KAICIID supports experts, trainees and organizations working in this area through capacity building programs, workshops, training and partnerships.

Where we work

Our Work

In the past 31 months, we have:

Convened over 50 High Level Religious Leaders from 15 different religions and denominations, including Buddhist, Catholic, Christian Churches of the East, Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Protestant, Druze, Hindu, Orthodox Judaism, Mandean, Muslim-Sunni, Muslim-Shia, Sikh, Yazidi Communities.

11 Networks have been created; programs are ongoing or completed in 7 countries: Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic, Myanmar, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Tanzania.

We have issued 3 international Interreligious Declarations in UN/New York, Vienna and Athens.

We have organized 25 conferences in 10 countries,  16 training sessions in 11 countries, 37 workshops 
in 13 countries.

Over 2,700 dialogue practitioners have been trained, and over 15,000 stakeholders engaged.