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In cooperation with Diyar Consortium, KAICIID launched a network – the first of its kind in the Arab region, for religious Muslim and Christian faculties and institutes. The Network launch took place in Jordan, where KAICIID convened 25 Arab religious leaders from 17 institutions from around the Arab region in a two-day meeting prior to the network launch on 4 and 5 May 2017; they discussed cooperation opportunities including the implementation of interreligious exchange programmes between the universities in the network.

This Network is a platform for interreligious cooperation in the field of advanced education, in which participants will cooperate to face current challenges involving the misuse of religion to justify violence, extremism, and terrorism. Through the network, the hope is to increase the number of moderate religious educators who advocate for pluralism, common citizenship, and value diversity. Together, the members of the network will work to include interreligious and intercultural dialogue in their teachings to impart the skills needed by an open and aware generation for a more peaceful future.