Country: Indonesia Language: English, Arabic, Bahasi
Organizations: Interfedi - Nahdlatul Ulama - Forum for Interreligious Harmony
Expertise: Gender, Education, Youth Focus area: Religious, Civil Society Religious affiliation: Islam

Vise President of Fatayat NU of Yogyakarta Chapter, Fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)

Wiwin Rohmawati is Vice President of Fatayat of the Nahdlatul Ulama and a Board Member of the Forum for Inter-religious Harmony in Yogyakarta. She has been working in the field of interreligious dialogue for over 15 years. At Interfidei, a pioneer of interfaith dialogue in Indonesia, she works as a researcher, trainer, editor, program officer, executive secretary and senior staff member. She also teaches several courses on Islam, interfaith dialogue and peacebuilding at Duta Wacana Christian University in the town of Yogyakarta. She has also assisted with several programs organized by The Dialogue Institute at Temple University, USA (2010-2011). Her main interest is the position and role of woman in conflict resolution and peacebuilding through interreligious dialogue. In 1999, as an undergraduate student and part of the Indonesian delegation, she attended the 7th World Assembly of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP) in Amman, Jordan. She finished her MA in Interreligious Relations at State Islamic University in Yogyakarta under the sponsorship of Kerk in Actie, a programme for missionary and diaconal work of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Along with her colleagues and network at Interfidei, she has successfully organized several national meetings on interfaith dialogue and peacebuilding issues in Makassar (2002), Bali (2003) and Papua (2014). While the Indonesian government requires all public schools from elementary to university levels to teach religion as a compulsory subject by using a mono-religious model (each student learns only his/her religion), since 2011 Wiwin and her friends have been promoting the implementation of an interreligious model of instruction, especially among middle school religion teachers in Yogyakarta. Her motto is “work hard, think smart and have a sincere heart”.

Fellows Project: Managing Religious Diversity through Dialogue in Yogyakarta

Amid the interreligious tensions and conflicts in the city of Yogyakarta and in other parts of Indonesia over the past two decades, Wiwin Rohmawati is leading an initiative that invites young women from different religious backgrounds to engage in interreligious activities. The participants worked together and learned from one another about managing religious diversity in a pluralistic society. They focused on how women can make a difference by playing an active role in creating harmony, security, peaceful coexistence and preventing conflict in their society.