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UN Alliance of Civilizations

Since its inception, the UN Alliance of Civilizations has become a leading United Nations platform for intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation. It has connected governments, lawmakers, local authorities, civil society organizations, the media, and individuals devoted to promoting understanding across diverse communities. Through resolution 64/14 of 22 December 2009, the UN General Assembly expressed its support for the Alliance and acknowledged it as such a platform.

UNAOC features programming in the areas of Education, Youth, Migration and Media. Many programmes engage more than one area. To read more about UNAOC’s Programmes and Projects please visit UNAOC Programmes and Projects page.

On May 2017, KAICIID and UNAOC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the enhancement of peace through the promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue (IRD/ICD). As partners, KAICIID and UNAOC jointly coordinate and pursue initiatives that improve relations among peoples of different cultures and religions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work in fostering a culture of peace and contributing towards sustainable development. In July 2018, UNAOC and KAICIID will bring together at the New York UN Headquarters key experts in e-learning and IRD/ICD, as well as practitioners and users of virtual IRD/ICD knowledge platforms to present tools and good practices used to share knowledge in this field. KAICIID and UNAOC acknowledge that promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue and creating platforms conducive thereto are essential steps to building sustainable peace and fostering mutual understanding and respect.