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International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD)

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) was established in February 2016 at the Berlin conference “Partners for Change – Religions and the 2030 Agenda”. It brings together members and partners from all over the world in order to harness the positive impact of religion and values in sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. Membership in PaRD is voluntary and open to all governmental and intergovernmental entities. Partners are civil society and non-governmental organisations such as religious and value-driven organisations, secular NGOs, community initiatives, foundations, academic institutions and other relevant development organisations.

KAICIID began its collaboration with PaRD in September 2016 as two of the multiple co-organizers and co-sponsors of the “Preliminary Meeting to the Special Session on Religion” at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016, and similarly to the UN General Assembly side event “Bearing Witness”, in September 2016. Following the joint cooperation on these initial projects, KAICIID was admitted as a member of PaRD in October 2016. The members and partners of the network work together to further the engagement of policymakers and faith actors in the common goal of ensuring sustainable development with a particular focus on UN SDGs 3, 5, and 16. To this end since 2016, KAICIID has actively participated in the network as a whole, as well as on the network’s Sustaining Peace work-stream. Additionally, KAICIID has directly collaborated with PaRD on projects such as the iDOVE programme in Africa and UNIATF-led UN Strategic Learning Exchange on “Engaging with Faith Organizations and Communities for Sustainable Development” in Amman.