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KAICIID International Fellows Programme

Applications for the 2019 European Fellows Programme are Now Open!




KAICIID will select twenty Fellows from around the world to participate in the year-long course. Selected Fellows will participate in a series of in-person and online trainings related to interreligious dialogue, coexistence and pluralism. This integrated learning process will provide Fellows with an initial framework to facilitate subsequent trainings and programming within their home institutions. The Fellows will also develop and implement small-scale local and international projects during the course of the programme. There will also be opportunities to organize and attend dialogues, lectures, field visits and conferences.

The Fellows Programme brings together religious teachers from around the world for in-person and online training in dialogue, mediation and promoting social cohesion. The Fellows programme is designed to equip teachers with the skills to educate their students about interreligious dialogue; provide their students with the necessary skills to become active facilitators and leaders in interreligious dialogue; and to train their students in conflict transformation to be active peacemakers in their respective communities.

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Programme dates

Programme First Training Second Training Third Training Implementing Initiatives
International Fellows Programme 2018 Completed Completed Completed June - November 2018
Africa Region Fellows Programme 2018 Completed Completed Completed June - November 2018
International Fellows Programme 2019 20-26 January, 2019 April 2019 December 2019 May - November 2019
Fellows Europe Regional Programme 2019 March 2019 May 2019 December 2019 May-November 2019