KAICIID International Fellows Programme

The International Fellows Programme is a one- year learning and training programme. Its goal is to empower institutions that educate future religious leaders by training and mentoring these future leaders’ educators to promote interreligious dialogue education and practice in their religious educational institutions. The selected Fellows participate in three residential trainings supplemented by online training and courses related to interreligious dialogue, coexistence, pluralism and peacebuilding.
This integrated learning process provides the Fellows with an initial framework to facilitate their own training and programmes within their home institutions. The Fellows also develop and implement small-scale local and international initiatives during the course of the programme, while organizing and attending dialogues, lectures, field visits and conferences. As of November 2017, 112 Fellows from 34 countries and 8 religions have completed the Fellows programme and 45 new fellows have been selected for KIFP International & Africa Region cohorts to start the Programme in January 2018 ”. An additional 64 Fellows have already graduated from the programme and are now members of the KAICIID Fellows Network (KFN), a global network of religious leaders, educators and IRD practitioners trained in dialogue, mediation and peacebuilding. Over 75% of the Fellows are affiliated with academic/research institutions and 85% of the Fellows are affiliated with religious/ confessional institutions. Since 2016, in addition to the international programme, a regional Fellows programme also takes place. In 2016, the regional programme was focused on South- East Asia, while in 2017 it is centred on the Arab region, involving another 24 participants. At the end of 2016, the Fellows had implemented over 60 initiatives, impacting over 3,600 people - a number which will continue to increase. Almost 45 additional initiatives were implemented in 2017.

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Programme dates

Programme First Training Second Training Third Training Implementing Initiatives
International Fellows Programme 2018 January 2018 (Vienna) May 2018 (Location TBD) November 2018 (Location TBD) June - November 2018
Africa Region Fellows Programme 2018 April 2018 (Abuja, Nigeria) April 2018 (Abuja, Nigeria) November 2018 (Location TBD) June - November 2018



Applications for the 2018 PRogramme are now closed