Country: Saudi Arabia Language: English, Arabic
Organizations: Taibah University
Expertise: Theology Focus area: Academic Religious affiliation: Islam

Associate Professor Islamic Studies, Taybah University in Al Madenah

Basmah Ahmed Jastaniah is a Saudi Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with a specialization in Faith, Religions and Creeds. She is an active member of the University’s Social Committee and often gives lectures, trainings and speaks at conferences. She has also participated in research and supervised a number of scientific papers and discussions on the topic of voluntary work and its role in the development of social values among young people. Dr Jastaniah was proud to have served as the Dean of Studies at Taibah University from 2009-2012. On a personal level, she is proud of her ethics and charisma and hopes that she is able to motivate and inspire her students. She asks Allah Almighty to help her in all things and to continue to provide her the guidance to be a good role model to those around her.

Fellows Project: International Applications into Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

Basmah Jastaniah is an Associate Professor of Theology and Religion at Taibah University. She is working to integrate dialogue into the university curriculum to introduce future graduates of the Department of Islamic Studies to dialogue methods and experiences. For her Fellows initiative, she designed and implemented the project “Let’s dialogue”, a series of trainings

and workshops to promote the principles of dialogue and offer her students a dialogic experience. Ultimately, she hopes to introduce a Master’s programme that specialises in interreligious dialogue. Her concept is currently under review.