In the Spirit of Dialogue: Omar Kobine Layama and Cardinal Dieudonné Dzapalainga

Omar Kobine Layama and Cardinal Dieudonné Dzapalainga speak on their dialogue experiences in the Central African Republic at the event "In the Spirit of Dialogue," an event in partnership with the Austrian National Radio (Oe1), in partnership with the Austria Kultur/ The Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, the Holy See, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, representing the Centre’s Council of Parties. Interreligious Dialogue is much more than conversation, debate or discussion. It is an important tool for preventive diplomacy, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution. It has value for policymakers, religious leaders, and civil society. When done right, with expert facilitation, it can heal emotional and psychological trauma. At the same time, interreligious dialogue can be difficult, risky, and sometimes even dangerous, and requires skill and experience to perform correctly.

10 May 2018