KAICIID is proud to have a diverse and multicultural team of experts.

The KAICIID mission, which is to facilitate interreligious and intercultural understanding, as well as improving respect for diversity, justice and peace, is reflected in the diversity of its staff from 25 countries, five continents and a broad range of religious and cultural affiliations. Respect for diversity is the cornerstone of the policy of recruiting KAICIID. 42% of our workforce represents the founding states of KAICIID: 15 staff are Austrian nationals, 4 are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 3 are from Spain.

We can proudly say that our staff of about 53 people, including experts in the field of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, is 42% male and 58% female, a rare feat in most organizations.

For more information and detailed biographies of our experts, please visit our directory of experts.