KAICIID Expands Integration Tools to New Communities across Europe

09 December 2019

The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is expanding its integration trainings across Europe, welcoming individuals and organizations active in the field of refugee support and migrant inclusion.

During the most recent three-day multiplier training, held in Vienna, Austria from November 15-17, participants from Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey were introduced to KAICIID’s Project Integration through Dialogue Toolkit. The 13-module interactive course is designed to integrate newcomers into all aspects of their host country – including language-learning, opportunities for training and education, and increased understanding of community and cultural expectations.

Igor Mitrovic, Country Office Director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Serbia, said the training was an invaluable resource in his efforts to support diverse migrant communities in Serbia. "Frankly, due to cross-continental migration our society is becoming irreversibly multicultural to a degree never seen before,” he said.

“This will only increase as the time goes by. The integration of so many diverse people into a single, functional society, is an absolute necessity, and is also a real challenge. The Toolkit is just what we need, covering critical topics on integration in a wise and balanced way."

The Project Integration through Dialogue Toolkit was developed during a one-year pilot project in Vienna, Austria. Due to its success, the Centre plans to offer the corresponding resources and dialogue course in multiple languages throughout Europe. Currently the complete Toolkit is available in both German and English.

“These trainings provide a unique opportunity for us to reach out to numerous individuals and organizations and discuss the various challenges for both host countries, as well as refugees and migrants, in different parts of Europe,” Badi Niyazi, KAICIID’s “Integration through Dialogue” Project Coordinator said. “Through those lessons learned, we plan to keep developing and expanding our resources to support a wider group of beneficiaries, from Spain to Serbia to Greece and beyond.”

Standing apart from other integration programmes, “Project Integration through Dialogue” uses dialogue as an important tool to successfully promote integration and inclusion. Through dialogue, networks are created which give newcomers the opportunity to connect with communities and get to know new people in their host city, which is beneficial for their integration process.

Sharing personal stories and experiences is essential when building relationships between newly arrived migrants and people from the host community, as it creates trust and understanding.

KAICIID will host two additional multiplier trainings in 2020. For further information, please contact: [email protected].