KAICIID Country Expert Featured in Time Magazine

23 Jan, 2019
Harry Myo Lin, the KAICIID Country Expert for Myanmar, was featured in Time magazine as one of eight young leaders “shaping the decade ahead, from ending nuclear threats to fixing inequality and the...
Rabbi David Rosen

In the Press: Rabbi Rosen in WEF on Religion and Respect

14 Jun, 2017
In an article titled “Violent extremism – Is religion the problem or the solution?”, KAICIID Board Member Rabbi David Rosen analyses the reasons behind the abuse of religion for violent ends. He...
Chief Rabbi Rosen with His Holiness Pope Francis. Photo: Vatican Archives (Reproduced with permission)

"No Relationship Beyond the Capacity for Transformation"

29 Aug, 2016
In an interview with South African media organization “ The Weekend Argus ”, KAICIID Board Member Chief Rabbi David Rosen describes how his lifelong engagement with interreligious dialogue can be...

“A Really Special Training”: Fellow Reflects on Experience

25 Aug, 2016
In an article originally published on the website of the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI), KAICIID Fellow from the 2016 Southeast Asia Regional Programme, Jannatul Maoa from Bangladesh...

In the Press: Pope Francis and Rabbi Rosen visit Auschwitz

03 Aug, 2016
Rabbi Rosen, member of the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) Board of Directors accompanied Pope Francis on his visit to Auschwitz, a WWII Nazi extermination camp outside of Kraków, Poland...

Pope Francis: Do Not Identify Islam with Violence

31 Jul, 2016
Speaking to journalists recently, Pope Francis stated his views clearly regarding the dangers of identifying any religion with the violent acts of a small group of fundamentalists. “I do not believe...
Board Member Swami Agnivesh presents a copy of his book to H.H Pope Francis. Photo: Swami Agnivesh

Board Member Swami Agnivesh at WFP: End World Hunger

18 Jul, 2016
In a piece for news website , KAICIID Board Member from India, Swami Agnivesh calls for more to be done to fight world hunger. During his attendance at a meeting of the United Nations’...
Faisal Bin Muaammar

Op-Ed: KAICIID SG on role of IRD in Humanitarian Action

30 Jun, 2016
The Recent World Humanitarian Summit was a milestone event, an international response to an unprecedented global humanitarian crisis. It was also significant in the wide-ranging inclusion of...
Rabbi David Rosen

In the Press: Rabbi Rosen on Nostra Aetate

15 Jun, 2016
Rabbi Rosen, member of the International Dialogue Centre’s (KAICIID) Board of Directors, recently spoke on the positive trend in Christian-Jewish relations at an interreligious talk in New Orleans...
Faisal Bin Muaammar

In the Press: KAICIID SG on Religious Orgs and the UN

07 Jun, 2016
Faisal Bin Muaammar, Secretary General of the International Dialogue Centre (KAICID), and Rabbi David Rosen, member of the KAICIID’s Board of Directors were cited in an article on the recent World...