Stream the G20 Interfaith Forum Now

13 October 2020

The 2020 G20 Interfaith Forum will begin momentarily! In less than an hour, more than 1300 policymakers, religious leaders, experts and participants will gather online to discuss the most important issues facing our global community.

This meeting is the culmination of a long process of consultations between hundreds of religious leaders and policymakers, experts and representatives of faith-based organisations from 70 countries on five continents working together to discuss and identify joint solutions to issues ranging from education and gender equality to climate change and COVID-19. 

The first plenary begins today at 4:00 PM Riyadh Time (GMT+3). 

Due to the number of people who have registered to take part in the G20 Interfaith Forum we are offering the below link as an alternative route to  watching the live stream in case the web link you have does not give you access.