KAICIID Participates in Cordoba Forum’s Founding Meeting

10 Apr 2018

The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) was part of a select number of organisations that participated in the Founding Meeting of the Cordoba Forum, from 10-11 April 2018 in Cordoba, Spain. As of 2019, the Forum is expected to hold annual meetings that will bring together institutions and individuals working towards a more tolerant world.

During the meeting, KAICIID Secretary General Faisal Bin Muaammar shared his expectations about the Cordoba Forum. “From different perspectives, all of us here today are working towards peaceful coexistence. At KAICIID, we do it through interreligious dialogue. We create platforms and we bring together religious leaders and policy makers who, only by collaborating, can make a difference in their communities”.

“The Cordoba Forum is also about uniting efforts, about creating a network of organisations, about finding the spaces to get to know us better and to share experiences, concerns, success stories. These spaces are needed and will not only enrich the participating individuals and organisations. It will enrich and strengthen our work with our stakeholders from all around the world”.

Taking place every year in Cordoba, a city known as a model for interreligious harmony, the Forum aims to identify obstacles to the promotion of coexistence, describe how the obstacles have been overcome, share experiences and success stories, and coordinate efforts that would contribute to a world of greater coexistence through concrete actions. The Founding Meeting was organised by the Municipality of Cordoba and the Paradigma Cordoba and Nicolas Puech Foundations, while the following meetings will be organised by an Executive Committee appointed from amongst the participants.

The Adyan Foundation, Casa Arabe, Fundacion Tres Culturas, Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, UN Alliance of Civilizations and World Scout Foundation were some of the Founding Meeting participants.