KAICIID Myanmar Fellows hold First Alumni Meeting

20 Jul 2018

The KAICIID Fellows from Myanmar held their first Myanmar-focused meeting on 20-24 July where 11 alumni met to discuss the status of interreligious dialogue in the country and compared and shared best practices. The meeting provided the opportunity for Fellows to reconnect, and in some cases meet their peers in Myanmar for the first time.

During the meeting, the Fellows created an action plan, which included establishing a national network in Myanmar through which the Fellows can share experiences and find encouragement and support for their work. They also agreed to hold monthly online meetings and in-person gatherings once per year. 

KAICIID’s Chief of Global Practices Hub, Anas Alabbadi, stated,  “It is a privilege to observe the passion and enthusiasm of the Fellows from Myanmar and to support their collaboration in promoting dialogue in their country. Their commitment is important to the sustainability of their efforts within Myanmar.”

The Fellows also agreed to collaborate closely with key civil society organizations and to promote engagement – especially with the Peaceful Myanmar Initiative ­– by providing trainings in interreligious dialogue the use of social media as a space for dialogue.