KAICIID Fellows Programme 2020 now open for applications

07 May 2019

Applications for the 2020 KAICIID Fellows Programme are now open!

We’re seeking dialogue experts from all over the world for the KAICIID Fellows Programme. Fellows will take part in dialogue training from KAICIID experts over the course of a year and implement funded grassroots interreligious dialogue projects in their own communities.

The deadline to apply is 15 August.

Apply here!



Who can be a KAICIID Fellow? 
KAICIID Fellows are dialogue practitioners from all over the world who are working to promote peace and reconciliation through dialogue.

Which programme is right for me? 
This year, you can apply for one of three regional programmes: Africa, Europe and Latin America, or the International Programme if you are not working in one of those regions.

What is the training programme?
Each Fellow participates in three residential trainings over the course of one year that will be held in their region and in Vienna, Austria. Trainings of the 2019 Fellows have taken place in Vienna, Spain, Belgium, Myanmar and a number of other locations. These trainings will be supplemented by online courses related to interreligious dialogue, coexistence and pluralism. 

The 2019 Fellows come from three regional cohorts and more than 20 countries and are working on their Fellows projects in communities all over the world. Visit them on the Fellows website here!