Country: Austria

Professor, Institute of Religious Studies, University of Montreal & Senior Adviser, KAICIID

With over thirty years of experience in the area of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, primarily as an academic researcher and educator, the highlights of Prof. Brodeur’s career include the development of an interdisciplinary research team on Islam, pluralism and globalization at the University of Montreal (Canada), focusing on past and present intra- and inter-religious, as well as inter-civilizational and inter-worldview forms of dialogue.

An esteemed author and multilinguist, Prof. Brodeur has received numerous prestigious awards, including fellowships, scholarships, research grants and prizes during his distinguished career. He won 1st Prize for the Social entrepreneurship venture plan competition at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza Business School (2005) and received an "Interfaith Visionary Award" from the Temple of Understanding (2010).