Bisan Liftawi
Country: Austria Language: Arabic, German, French, English Expertise: Protocol

Protocol Officer

Bisan Liftawi joined KAICIID in 2013. As Protocol Officer she ensures best practices in protocol at interreligious and intergovernmental KAICIID events and for high-level diplomatic, religious and other secular representatives. In her role, she also contributes to a uniform set of protocol policies. Bisan is fluent in Arabic, English, French and German and is knowledgeable in international affairs. She is a Palestinian who grew up in Jerusalem and is very familiar with the three Abrahamic religions. Bisan is convinced that only through dialogue and mutual respect can reconciliation be achieved and social cohesion and peaceful coexistence enhanced. Her education includes post-graduate degrees in Advanced European Studies from the University of Vienna and in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.