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Women of Faith in Science and Technology

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04:00 pm
24 May 2023
Tara Raam
Nahid Ahmed
Anita Antwiwaa
Spanish and Arabic
Women of Faith in Science and Technology, Wednesday 24 May, 2023 @ 4pm CET
A KAICIID Women's Voices Series Webinar

Reflecting the theme of this year's UN International Women's Day "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" and the priority theme of the 67th Session on the Commission on the Status Women,  this webinar shall highlight the active role of women of faith in the STEM sector and demonstrate how they are contributing to the required “paradigm shift in science for girls and young women”, as expressed by the Executive Director of UN Women, Simona Bahous in her opening statement to UN Women’s First Regular Session of the Executive Board in February 2023. 

KAICIID's "Women's Voices" webinar series, addresses crosscutting themes of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.  Women of Faith in Science and Technology launches the 2023 three-part series.  An article was published in September last year around the 2022 series.

Tara Raam, speaker at webinar Women of Faith in Science and Technology
Tara Raam

Tara Raam is a neuroscientist and postdoctoral research fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research uses animal models to understand how social groups respond to environmental stressors together in order to understand the behaviors and neural characteristics present at a collective level that cannot be observed at the level of a single individual. She is a member of the Baha'i Faith, a world religion which teaches the inherent oneness of all people, harmony of science and religion, and gender equality. She is actively engaged in grassroots community action that promotes spiritual and material well-being in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. In both her professional and personal aspirations, she is interested in integrating insights from neuroscience, philosophy, and the world's spiritual traditions to better understand human nature and improve human conditions.

Nahid Ahmed speaker at webinar Women of Faith in Science and Technology
Nahid Ahmed

Nahid Ahmed is the Director of the Connect Program at Soliya, an international nonprofit that provides technology-enabled global exchange and education programming for young people in partnership with institutions of higher education. Nahid is a facilitator, trainer and conflict resolution expert, and at Soliya, she leads the strategy and implementation of their flagship virtual exchange initiative. She has over 15 years of experience in international education, curriculum development, and program design, and supports universities around the world on integrating global learning and exchange into their curriculum. As Director, Nahid drives the process of designing innovative program models, and supports research collaborations to develop scientifically rigorous tools and further a broader understanding of the transformative power of virtual exchange. Nahid was born in Bangladesh, and grew up in Oman, the United Arab Emirates and India, and has a B.A. in political science and international relations from Clark University. She is driven by the belief that all young people should have the opportunity to explore different cultures and engage meaningfully with their global peers as part of their formative experiences.

Dr. Anita Antwiwaa, Introductory Note, Webinar "Women of Faith in Science and Technology"
Anita Antwiwaa

Ghanaian Dr. Anita Antwiwaa s a certified Engineer with a PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She is the head of operations for All Nations University Space Systems Technology Laboratory (SSTL), which successfully launched the historic GhanaSat-1, developed by young Ghanaian Engineers from the University in 2017 to take photographs of the Earth and to monitor Ghana's coastal areas. One of her current projects is teaching Space Technology to the Youth using CanSat in order to boost their interest in choosing a career in that area as well as teaching young women in the field of technical and vocational studies, entrepreneurship; as well as using ICT to stand out in branding and marketing their innovative products. Her ambition is also to establish an electronics institution which will train young women in the area of electronic circuits design and assembling as well as give informal training in the area of electronics and electrical devices troubleshooting and servicing to young women who dropped out of school but still want to pursue a career in STEM.


Dimitra Missira, Moderator, Women of Faith in Science and Technology
Dimitra Missira

Dimitra Missira has been working at the KAICIID International Dialogue Centre since 2015 where she assumed progressively positions of responsibility, acting currently as the External Relations Officer at the Executive Office of the Secretary-General and acts as focal point for Women empowerment representing the Centre in external platforms such as the UN Multi-Faith Advisory Council. Prior to KAICIID, she worked and volunteered in diverse sectors, IGOs, NGOs, and national institutions in Greece at the local level which contributed to a cross-sectoral and comprehensive perspective in the areas of human rights, education, migration and other vulnerable groups. She has facilitated youth training on various topics such as interreligious and intercultural dialogue, equality and global citizenship. Her Masters’ degree is on European Law and Policy at the Panteion University and she is currently undertaking a PhD on Women of Faith, integration and hospitality ethics in Europe. Ms. Missira has developed papers on the contemporary European economic and social crisis; the Balkan States and their European orientation, Migration and Refugees and has been a member of a global Alumni network through her participation in the ACWAY Fellowship and other platforms.