Location of Activities

Professor of Ecumenical Theology at the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Switzerland (part of the World Council of Churches and attached to the University of Geneva)

Coordinator of the CAS in Interreligious Studies at the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey

Managing Editor of Current Dialogue, the World Council of Churches’ journal on interreligious dialogue

Before joining the World Council of Churches, Dr Sinn worked for five years as study secretary for public theology and interreligious relations at the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Geneva (Switzerland). She initiated and coordinated an international study process on church and religions in the public space. She organised several international theological consultations, and subsequently edited publications in this field. She has collaborated with colleagues to strengthen the interreligious dimension of the churches’ humanitarian, development and advocacy work.

Her doctoral research at the Cluster of Excellence on Religion and Politics at the University of Münster (Germany), focused on contemporary challenges of religious pluralism. Taking Indonesia as an example, she examined public discourses on the politics of religion and theological engagement with religious pluralism by Christian and Muslim scholars.

Main Publications: 

1.) Simone Sinn, Religiöser Pluralismus im Werden. Religionspolitische Kontroversen und theologische Perspektiven von Christen und Muslimen in Indonesien (Tübingen 2014.)

2) Simone Sinn, Mouhanad Khorchide, Dina El Omari (eds.), Religious Plurality and the Public Space. Joint Christian-Muslim Theological Reflections (Leipzig 2015.)

3) Simone Sinn and Michael Reid Trice (eds.), Religious Identity and Renewal in the Twenty-first Century (Leipzig 2015.)

4) Simone Sinn and Eva Harasta (eds), Resisting Exclusion - Global Theological Responses to Populism (Leipzig 2019.)

Areas of Actions: 
Women's RightsShared Human ValuesInterreligious Dialogue
Forms of Actions: 
Peace and Conflict Resolution