Asna Husin

Location of Activities

South East Asia
Nonviolence International
Professor, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University

Founder, Peace Education Program, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Senior Researcher, Nonviolence International, Washington DC, USA

Asna Husin is Associate Professor (‘Dosen’) teaching Philosophy of Education and Islamic Civilization at Ar-Raniry State Islamic University at Darussalam in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She currently serves as senior researcher at the Washington D.C. based NGO Nonviolence International, working on Cultural Resources for Islamic Peace Building and the History of Indonesian Muslim Communities in America. Dr. Husin gained a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University (1992) on a Fulbright scholarship, then her Doctorate in Religious Studies from Columbia University (1998) with a dissertation on philosophical and social aspects of da‘wah in 20th century Indonesia. She served as an Associate Fellow at the Center for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University (1998), while teaching Islamic Civilization as Adjunct Professor at the State University of New York, Old Westbury. Dr. Husin next worked as Director of Women’s Program at the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP 1998–2000), when she organized the ‘World Women Assembly’ in 1998 in Amman, Jordan, attended by religious organizations from thirty-three countries.

Upon returning to Banda Aceh in 2000, Dr. Husin established and directed the NGO Peace Education Program (Program Pendidikan Damai, independent affiliat e of Nonviolence International) while resuming her teaching tasks at Ar-Raniry. From 2000 until 2011 under her direction PPD staff trained over 75,000 students and Acehnese High School teachers in peace education and conflict management. Working closely with Aceh’s Ulama leaders over the course of twelve years, PPD produced successive editions of two educational Peace Manuals. Dr. Husin promotes intrafaith discussions within Muslim communities and engages in interfaith dialogue with non-Muslims. She actively participates in academic conferences and workshops worldwide, and has published many articles and book chapters on Islamic peace studies, gender equity, education and Ulama institutions, and Islamic civilizational resources.

Biography as at 06.08.18
Main Publications: 

1.) “The Indonesian Muslim Community in the Washington D.C. Area,” being considered for publication: Studia Islamika, (2018: forthcoming) Muslim Presence in America, being considered for publication: Peuraduen (2018: forthcoming.)

2.) “Conflict and Nonviolence: Ulama in the Aceh Peace Process,” in The Promise of Reconciliation?: Examining Violent and Nonviolent Effects on Asian Conflicts, edited by Chaiwat Satha-Anand, New York: Routledge, 2016 & e-Book (2017).

3.) “Acehnese Women Struggle for Peace and Justice: Challenges and Opportunities,” in Islam and Civilizational Renewal 6 (3), 2015.

4.) “Women and Shari`ah Law: Lessons from Aceh,” in Journalarraniry.com 2 (2), 2015.

5.) “Agents of Peace: An Exploration of Three Acehnese Women Leaders,” in Women and Peace in the Islamic World: Gender, Agency and Influence, edited by Yasmin Saikia and Chad Haines, London: I.B. Tauris, 2015.

6.) “Leadership and Authority: Women Leading Dayah in Aceh,” in Gender and Power in Islam: Leaders, Feminist, Sufis and Pesantren Selves, edited by Bianca J. Smith and Mark Woodward, 2013.

Areas of Actions: 
Interreligious DialoguePeace and Reconciliation
Forms of Actions: 
Information DistributionEducational Programmes