Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Refaee

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia
West Asia
UNESCO Chair for Faith and Cultures
Saudi Information and Communication Society
Professor, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Professor, UNESCO Chair for Faith and Cultures

Followers Dialogue Member, Saudi Information and Communication Society

Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Refaee is Professor at the Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and current UNESCO Chair for Faith and Cultures Followers Dialogue, a position he has held since 2013.  Previous positions he has held at the University are Professor of the Chair of New Media Studies, Dean of Media and Communication College.

Professor Al-Rafaee obtained his BA in administration from King Saud University, Riyadh in 1982. Five years later he received a Master of Press from the Department of Media - Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, where in 1991, he completed his PhD in the management of media institutions.

Professor Al-Rafaee has spent over 20 years working as a journalist in the Saudi Research and Publishing Company. During that time he has held postions such as Editor-in-chief of Al-Musllamoun International Newspaper and General Counsel of the Saudi Publishing Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also was a founding member at two organizations: the Al-Ahram Center for Journalism Training and the Ahmed Bin Salman Media Academy. For his journalistic achievements he has been a recipient of the Journalism Excellence Award of the Saudi Research and Publishing Company for the year 1985.

Additionally, Professor Al-Rafaee has particpated in several conferences including: European International Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Marshall McLuhan in Rome 2011; the  Conference on Crisis Communication Strategies - Central Florida University, Orlando, in USA 2013; a UNESCO Conference on The role of the media in spreading the culture of dialogue in Rabat 2014; and finally the Summit conference of Social Media Strategies in Las Vegas 2014.

Biography as at 09.11.17
Main Publications: 

1.) Organizing the press institutions.

2.) Planning for the press work.

3.) The foundations of evaluating and motivating journalists.

4.) News science between the newspapers in the Islamic world.

5.) Restrictions and impediments to freedom of information in the Arab world.

6.)The trends of Arab communication towards democracy.

7.) The relationship between human rights and human rights (Journal of the Annals of Arts - Kuwait University).

8.) Adoption of the Saudi youth to the traditional media and modern communication.

9.) Capacity-building Creative capacities in media organizations.

10.) Relationship of Saudi women's academic elite to the media.

11.) Political Marketing of Democracy - An Analytical Study of the American Media Speech.

12.) Muslim media and dialogue with the other.

13.) The role of the media in international cooperation, spreading the culture of dialogue with the other.

14.) Scientific foundations for the organization of press institutions and their impact on press performance.

15.) Models of the applications of theoretical frameworks for media research, Dar Jarir 2015.

16.) Arab media and issues (freedom - democracy - human rights) Dar Jarir 2015.

17.) The role of the media in promoting the values of tolerance and non-violence.

18.) Problems of Western Islamic dialogue and obstacles to mutual understanding.

19.) "Factors Affecting Communicator Attitudes Towards A Culture of Dialogue In The Islamic World" A field study on a sample from 19 Islamic states.

20.) "Facteurs influençant les tendances des responsables de médias musulmans vis-à-vis du dialogue avec l’Autre" Le dialogue islamo-occidental comme exemple.

21.) "Problématiques du dialogue Islam-Occident Enquête sur les orientations des recherches islamiques et occidentales."

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Shared Human ValuesDialogue
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Educational ProgrammesInformation Distribution