Jean Frances DuffM.A, M.P.H


Location of Activities

North America
President, The Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities

Ms Duff serves as chief executive of the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (JLI) an international, interfaith, multi-sector collaboration for excellent  evidence for faith groups’ activity and contribution to development and humanitarian challenges. JLI’s goal is to equip policymakers and practitioners with the information they need to scale up faith engagement for the common good. She also serves as President of the Partnership for Faith and Development, providing expert services on inter-religious and multi-stakeholder partnerships, and on cross-sector collaboration. In 2008, she co-founded the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty at Washington National Cathedral. Previously, she led the Cathedral’s global poverty program as Managing Directorof the Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation. In 2008, she co-convened the Women, Faith and Development Alliance. Ms Duff holds graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology (University College Dublin) and in Epidemiology (Columbia University). She is a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Main Publications: 

1.) Duff, Jean and O Wilkinson. Key Examples of Methods and Mechanisms for Engagement, and Recommendations for ActionForum on Localizing Humanitarian Response to Humanitarian need : the role of Religious and faith-based organizations. Colombo, Sri Lanka, October 2017.

2.) Duff, Jean and H. Manguerra. "Considerations on Evidence for Faith Groups’ Activities and Contributions to Development, and Emerging Approaches to Evidence." The Ecumenical Review 68.4, December 2016

3.) Duff, Jean and H. Manguerra. "Religious Engagement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Health Progress." Journal of Catholic Health Association, Sept-October 2016

4.) Duff, Jean, M. Battcock, A. Karam, and A. Taylor. "High-level collaboration between the public sector and religious and faith-based organizations: fad or trend?" Review of Religion and International Affairs; Vol 14, Number 3, Fall 2016

5.) Duff, Jean (ed.). Religion and Sustainable Development: Building Partnerships to End Extreme Poverty-Conference Proceedings. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities.

6.) Duff Jean and W. Buckingham. Strengthening of partnerships between the public sector and faith-based groups. Lancet, 2015.

7.) Duff, Jean (ed.). Many Faiths Common Action: Increasing the Impact of the Faith Sector on Health and Development. Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty and the Global Initiative on Faith Health and Development. November 2010.

7.) Duff, Jean and A. Hipple. "The Center for Interfaith Action and the MDGs: Leveraging Congregational Infrastructures for Maximum Impact on Disease and Poverty." Cross Currents, September 2010, pp 368-382.

8.) Duff Jean. "Together Against Malaria: Faith led Community Mobilization in Mozambique." In Development and Faith, edited by Katherine Marshall and Marisa Van Saanen. The World Bank, 2007

Areas of Actions: 
DialogueShared Human ValuesEnvironmentHumanitarian AidSustainability
Forms of Actions: 
Capacity Building and EmpowermentNetworkingResearch