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The KAICIID Who is Who in Interreligious Dialogue is an online directory hosting information on individuals active and expert in IRD such as religious leaders, policymakers, heads of international organisations, teachers, trainers and activists.  Search the directory to connect with experts and specialists from every continent engaged in a wide variety of initiatives.

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Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
USAChristianityReligious FreedomInterfaith Relations

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy

President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, Interfaith Alliance

Host of the National Radio Show "State of Belief"
Pastor Emeritus, Northminster Church
Member, Council on Foreign Relations Advisory Committee

The Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy is President Emeritus of Interfaith Alliance and currently serving as their Senior Advisor. A champion of religious freedom, he also hosts a weekly national radio programme "State of Belief" in which he explores and explains the role of religion in daily life. He is...

South AfricaHinduism

Honourable Ela Gandhi

Trustee, Gandhi Development Trust

Ela Gandhi is the granddaughter of Mohandas Gandhi, also known as 'Mahatma' (great soul) Gandhi, the man who famously led Indians to independence from their British colonizers in 1946. She was born in 1940 and grew up in the Phoenix Settlement, the first Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi, in the...

Nyambura Gichuki

Nyambura Gichuki

End Child Poverty Programs Officer, Arigatou International

I am committed to sharing hope and developing the leadership capabilities of the young women and men that I serve. I believe in investing in people and enabling them to live a meaningful life, because every person matters. It’s with this purpose that I engage in interfaith cooperation and promoting...


Elisabeth Guigou

President, Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Euromed Intercultural Dialogue

Founder, Femmes d'Europe (Women of Europe)

Politician and Former Minister, France

Elisabeth Guigou has been elected as President of the Anna Lindh Foundation in 2014. She has been a Member of the National Assembly for Seine-Saint-Denis since 2002 when she was elected Vice-President of the National Assembly (2011) and Chair President of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Mrs Guigou...


Maria Teresa "Marites" Guingona-Africa, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director, Peacemakers' Circle Foundation, Inc.

Marites Africa, Ph.D. has worked for the past twenty years on grassroots Muslim-Christian community-building around conflict-ridden communities in Metro Manila and North Cotabato, Mindanao. While she is a lecturer on Muslim-Christian Dialogue for Nation-Building and Conflict Transformation and...

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