Farha Iman

Location of Activities

South Asia
General Secretary, Sarva Dharma Samvaad (All Religions Dialogue)

Farha Iman is a founding member and general secretary of Sarva Dharma Samvaad (SDS).Before SDS, She worked with National Social Watch (NSW) and Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL) as Advocacy and Communications Officer. She has also worked as a researcher for Arigatou International and UNESCO on a project named, "Best Practices of Interfaith Dialogue by/for youth: Asia and Pacific Region".

She has been associated with several organisations such as Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) and Global Network for Rights and Development-India (GNRD-India). She has presented several academic papers, facilitate trainings and workshops on Globalization, Religious Minorities, Interfaith, Peace and Conflict in Bangladesh, Thailand and Singapore respectively. She has graduated with B.A. in Social Work (2007). She obtained Masters Degree (2009) in Conflict Analysis and Peace Building from the Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD. on ‘Islamic and Christian Foundations for Interfaith Dialogue’ from Sophia University institute, Italy.

Biography as at 23.10.17, source: http://www.sdsamvaad.org/who-we-are.html 
Main Publications: 

1.) Third eye on Indo-Pak peace process: Don’t let the border bleed again http://blog.tehelka.com/third-eye-on-indo-pak-peace-process-dont-let-the....

2.) Indian Woman - An Unborn Personality http://www.countercurrents.org/iman290113.htm.

3.) Article published on “Role of Religion in promoting peace and resolving conflicts” in Eastern Crescent monthly magazine published from Mumbai, January 2011 edition.

4.) “Globalization: of the Dominant, By the Dominant, And for the Dominant” http://www.countercurrents.org/iman240712.htm.

5.) “Love-Hate Relationship of India with Palestine and Israel” http://ummid.com/news/2012/June/23.06.2012/india_palestine_israel.htm#.T....

6.) “Ye Mohammad (S.A.W) ka deen to nahi!” (This is not the religion of Mohammad!) in ‘Tehelka, montly magazine, February 2015, ank. 3, Delhi, page 51.”

Areas of Actions: 
Interreligious Dialogue
Forms of Actions: 
Peace and Conflict ResolutionAdvocacy