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Sri Lanka
South Asia
General Secretary, Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya

Vinya Ariyaratne, M.D., is general secretary of the Sri Lankan Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya, an NGO founded on the inspiration of the social teachings of the Buddha by his father in 1958. As lead facilitator for the One Text Initiative and member of the Council of the Arigatou Foundation’s Global Network for Children, Vinya Ariyaratne is currently involved in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. He has lectured at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and Brandeis University. He holds doctorates in Medicine from De La Salle University in the Philippines and Community Medicine from the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo, as well as holding a master's degree in Public Health (International Health) from Johns Hopkins University.

Biography as at 30.10.17
The above biography narrative is based upon and sourced from: https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/people/vinya-ariyaratne
Main Publications: 

1.) Ariyaratne, Vinya. 2005. Harmonizing ICT with integrated community development: the Sarvodaya experience in Sri Lanka. [Tokyo, Japan]: Asian Development Bank Institute.

2.) Ariyaratne, Vinya. 2002. "ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITIES SPECIAL SECTION - Ceylon way home - Vinya Ariyaratne on the success of the village movement in Sri Lanka". The Ecologist. 32 (1): 48.

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Shared Human Values
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Physical InfrastructureSocial Work and Community ServicePeace and Conflict Resolution