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The KAICIID Who is Who in Interreligious Dialogue is an online directory hosting information on individuals active and expert in IRD such as religious leaders, policymakers, heads of international organisations, teachers, trainers and activists.  Search the directory to connect with experts and specialists from every continent engaged in a wide variety of initiatives.

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Rev. Prof. Dr. Fadi Daou

Co-Founder and President, Adyan Foundation

Born in 1971 in Lebanon, Fadi Daou is currently the Chairperson and CEO of Adyan Foundation, where he contributes, in Lebanon and internationally, to the promotion of coexistence, interfaith relations and inclusive citizenship. Adyan’s successful work was recognized in 2018 by receiving the Niwano...

Hanni Dawah
EgyptIslamHani DawahEgyptIslamInterfaithهاني ضوةPeacebuilding

Dr. Hani Dawah

Deputy Senior Media Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt

Hani Dawah is the Deputy of the Senior Media Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt. He is an International Fellow of (KAICIID) for the year 2017, Vienna. Also he is a member of Inter-religious platform for Dialogue and cooperation in the Arab World, Rep of Grand Mufti of Egypt. Hani Dawah is an...

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Joyce S. Dubensky

CEO, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

Board of Directors, Sikh Art & Film Foundation

Joyce S. Dubensky is the CEO of Tanenbaum, a globally recognized thought leader in combating religious violence and hatred by tackling religious bullying of students, harassment in workplaces, and disparate health treatment for people based on their beliefs. Dubensky helps makes the world safer...

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Jean Frances Duff

President, The Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities

Ms Duff serves as chief executive of the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (JLI) an international, interfaith, multi-sector collaboration for excellent evidence for faith groups’ activity and contribution to development and humanitarian challenges. JLI’s goal is to equip...

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