Canon Dr. Andrew Smith

United Kingdom

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North Europe
Church of England
Director of Interfaith Relations, Church of England, Birmingham

Canon Dr. Andrew Smith is the Director of Interfaith Relations for the Bishop of Birmingham. In 2014, at the Bishop of Birmingham’s request, Andrew set up ‘The Birmingham Conversations’ dialogue process which involved people from six different faiths discussing ‘How faith is lived in modern society’.

For ten years, from 1994-2004, he worked for Scripture Union as a Schools Worker working primarily with pupils from a Pakistani Muslim heritage, and thereafter as the Director of Youth Encounter, developing dialogue between Christian and Muslim teenagers and training Christian youth workers for work with young people of different faiths. He is the founder and Chair of Trustees for The Feast (www.thefeast.org.uk), a Christian charity which works to bring together Christian and Muslim young people to build friendship and understanding, which currently operates in four cities in the UK as well as Beirut, Lebanon. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham Theology Department and an Honorary Lay Canon at St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham.  He is a member of the Church of England Presence and Engagement Task Group resourcing churches for their minitry in multi-faith parishes. He is a regular speaker on interfaith issues both in the UK and several other countries.

Biography as at 24.10.17
Main Publications: 

1.) The Role of Young People in Christian Muslim Dialogue in The Journal of Youth Ministry 2.2: 89-96. 2004.

2.) A Reflection on Inter-faith Work in Mission-Shaped Youth . Sudworth, T 2007. Church House Publishing.

3.) Young at Heart: Youth and Children's Work in Distinctly Welcoming. Sudworth, R 2007. Scripture Union.

4.) My Friend Imran: Christian-Muslim Friendship 2009. Scripture Union.

5.) Promoting Christian / Muslim Dialogue Between Young People of Faith in Youth Work and Islam. Eds Belton, B and Hamid, S 2011 Sense Publishers.

6.) Working with Muslim and Christian Young People in Between Naivety and Hostility. Eds Bell, S and Chapman, C 2011 Authentic Media.

7.) Inclusive Youth Work in Christian Youth work in Theory and Practice: A Handbook. Eds Nash, S and Whitehead, J 2014 SCM Press.

8.) Vibrant Christianity in a Multi-Faith Society. BRF. Due for publication Jan 2018.

Areas of Actions: 
Interreligious DialogueYouth