Assoc. Prof. Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf

United Kingdom

Location of Activities

South East Asia
Associate Professor, The International Institute of Islamic Civilisation and Malay World, Malaysia

Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf is Associate Professor and  Deputy Dean for Students Development and Community Engagement and also Coordinator, Islam and Buddhism Programme at The International Institute of Islamic Civilisation and Malay World (ISTAC-IIUM), Malaysia. Dr. Yusuf is also a Senior Fellow at the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, (ACMCU) Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA. Formerly,  he was the Director of the Center for Buddhist-Muslim Understanding in the College of Religious Studies at Mahidol University in Thailand. He specializes in Religion with a focus on Islam in Thailand and Southeast Asia and Muslim-Buddhist dialogue.

Main Publications: 

1.) Yusuf, Imtiyaz. Multiculturalism in Asia: Peace and Harmony. 2018.

2.) Yusuf, Imtiyaz. "Three Faces of the Rohingya Crisis: Religious Nationalism, Asian Islamophobia, and Delegitimizing Citizenship." In Studia Islamika, [Scopus Indexed], Vol. 25, no. 3, December 2018, pp. 503-542

3.) Yusuf, Imtiyaz. "Nationalist Ethnicities as Religious Identities: Islam, Buddhism and Citizenship in Myanmar." American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 34:4 (2017) pp. 100-119.

4.) Yusuf, Imtiyaz. "Islam and Buddhism." In Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Interreligious Dialogue, edited by Catherine Cornille, pp. 360-375. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, Inc, 2013. 


Dr. Yusuf has also contributed to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic World (2009); Oxford Dictionary of Islam (2003); Encyclopedia of Qur'an (2002); and Oxford Encyclopedia of Modern Islamic World (1995). He was also the special Editor of the The Muslim World- A Special Issue on Islam and Buddhism Vol. 100, Nos 2-3 April/July 2010.

Areas of Actions: 
Interreligious DialogueFreedom of Religion or BeliefReligious, Confessional and Spiritual Activities
Forms of Actions: 
Educational ProgrammesInformation DistributionResearch