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The Dialogue Voices are personal accounts of interreligious commitment and experience. They show approaches to, and forms of, interreligious dialogue, and its impact and context on a local, national, or global level. They represent a cross-section of dialogue experiences and its impact worldwide.

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Dialogue Voices: Group of teens and preteens in Washington DC
Saanya Ali explains the origins of Capital Area Interfaith Friends and what motivates her as a young person to be involved in interfaith dialogue. Capital Area Interfaith Friends is a youth group for teens and pre-teens...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Impact of interfaith experiences in Japan
Keiichi Akagawa speaks about his first interfaith experience and an interfaith experience that had a particular impact on him. Keiichi Akagawa’s first interfaith experience dates back almost thirty years ago when he was...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Interaction of different interfaith communities in Palestine
Tarek Tamimi speaks about a peculiar experience he had due to a lack of interfaith dialogue. He also talks about how different faith communities interact on a daily basis. Tarek Tamimi is a Muslim Palestinian who...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Interfaith Commission of Rwanda
Emmanuel Kolini recounts how interfaith dialogue in Rwanda developed. He also speaks about a reintegration program that was significant to his work in interfaith dialogue. The Interfaith Commission of Rwanda promotes...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Interfaith Dialogue in Ethiopia
Berhanu Tamene explains the ambitions of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar and the aspects that are important to interfaith dialogue. The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Interfaith gatherings in India
Sraddhalu Ranade speaks about his first interfaith experience and his view on the current state of interfaith dialogue. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community located in Pondicherry, India. Sraddhalu Ranade has...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Journey into the world of interfaith dialogue in Philippines
Potre Diampuan speaks about how she started her journey into the world of interfaith dialogue as well as moments of solidarity and how interfaith interactions evolved for her over time. Potre Diampuan is a Muslim who...Learn more

Dialogue Voices: Nation building and mutual respect in Malaysia
Julian Leow Beng Kim speaks about the need for interfaith dialogue in Malaysia and embracing that which people of different faiths hold in common rather than their differences. Julian Leow Beng Kim recounts a discussion...Learn more

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