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The Dialogue Voices are personal accounts of interreligious commitment and experience. They show approaches to, and forms of, interreligious dialogue, and its impact and context on a local, national, or global level. They represent a cross-section of dialogue experiences and its impact worldwide.

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MadagascarYouth Voices
Hobisoa Raininoro, a Malagasy Protestant, is one of the promoters of the “Federation of Malagasy Scouts Madagascar”. Together with other organisations, they jointly established a “Youth Forum” for dialogue, showing an...Learn more
MadagascarYouth Voices
Fenesoa Sergia is a Catholic Malagasy blogger of Mondo Blog, an online journal in which she published an article about Ramadan. Particularly interested in learning more about the Islamic tradition, Sergia contacted...Learn more
New ZealandYouth Voices
Farhanah Firdaus Francis is a young Malaysian student living in New Zealand and passionate about interfaith dialogue. She is an active member of an organization based in New Zealand called Hand Shake People, the members...Learn more
IrelandYouth Voices
Sarah Peaker talks about an interfaith initiative promoted by the University College Cork in Ireland. Chaplaincy Center was established at the University to serve as an open space for prayer and meditation where people...Learn more
IndiaSri LankaYouth Voices
Fareenah Maria is the youth representative of United Religions Initiatives (URI), a global grassroots interfaith network whose headquarters are located in India and Sri Lanka. Among all the different activities that URI...Learn more
Saba Afzal is a community worker at the Muslim Association of Terinaki, established in New Zealand back in 2006. Migrants particularly benefit from the services performed by Terinaki’s members which, with the purpose to...Learn more
PeruYouth Voices
Cesar Cavero is a deistic Peruvian student of journalism who launched an individual initiative in his faculty with the intention to break down barriers between the Muslim and local communities in Lima. The uniqueness of...Learn more
IrelandYouth Voices
Hajar Al Kaddo is a Muslim youth Representative of Interfaith Forum, an initiative whose essential aim is to promote mutual understanding between different faiths in numerous ways. Among them, one of the nicest and most...Learn more

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