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Key Concepts in Interreligious Dialogue

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Self-Paced Online Course
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Number of Modules
1 Module
Programme Area
Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution
1 week
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Starts Upon Registration
Learning Time
3 hours per week
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31 Dec, 2021

Whether interreligious, or intercultural, dialogue is an important form of intellectual interaction in the spirit of openness and compassion. Dialogue is at the heart of positive peacebuilding. Its processes are in all phases, from prevention of conflicts, to peacemaking and post-conflict rebuilding. Through this DKH short course, participants will explore leading interreligious dialogue theories and important terminology, as well as the key historical events that shaped IRD as both a scientific field and a global concern. The course will also delve into the diverse understandings of dialogue, examining the many ways it can be used, particularly in the context of conflict prevention and reconciliation, as well as the primary methodologies used in the field.


To provide basic knowledge and skills of the key concepts in interreligious dialogue.

Content and Structure
  • Diverse methods and key terminologies of dialogue

  • The challenges for using IRD in today’s global context

  • A historical foundation for IRD from the five major religions of the world (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism)

  • The geopolitical aspects of religion


Building on DKH's popular 8 module course, busy professionals can now select the individual modules they need most and learn-on-the go! Administered through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, the short course takes approximately one week to complete and can be taken anywhere, anytime, at your own pace, from your phone or computer.

Targeted Audience

This course is specifically designed for today's global leaders, including policymakers, UN agencies and religious leaders and institutions.

Additional Information

The DKH is a first-of-its kind virtual platform, provides high quality, relevant e-learning and training solutions, as well as knowledge tools and networking opportunities. All DKH online courses on IRD are linked with global initiatives and development goals for sustainable peace, with a specific focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

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