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Interfaith Calendars

The Interfaith Calendars resource is an online tool that provides links to selected interfaith calendars. 

Note: The order of the content displayed belowe is based on how recent it is.


Interreligious Calendar by the Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of North-Rhine-Westphalia (Interreligiöser Kalender)

The calendar produced by The Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia does not only provide an overview of the festivals and feasts of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Alevites, Bahá'í, Buddhists, Hindus and ancient Oriental Christians, but it also provides explanations...


Calendar of Religions by Editions Agora (Calendrier Des Religions)

This site allows a user to freely consult a calendar of the main civil and religious holidays (over the months or by tradition). It is even possible to subscribe to be informed of upcoming dates.


Religions for Peace Calendar by Religions for Peace- Italian Section

A bright and colorful interfaith calendar predominantly in Italian with beautiful photos, graphics, and descriptions.


Religious Calendar by the Pluralism Project-Harvard University

Given America’s new multireligious reality and the increased frequency with which people of different faiths interact, up-to-date information on the timing of religious holidays and festivals can be critical. Several calendar resources highlight religious holidays and festivals from many traditions...


Interfaith Calendar by Hamline University

A simple calendar covering a variety of faith traditions, that also provides definitions for different holidays.


Calendar of Religious Festivals by the SHAP working party on World Religions in Education

The Shap e-Calendar of Religious Festivals is an invaluable resource for the teaching profession, students, businesses, chaplaincies, those in health sector and public services, to name but a few. It is recognised as the most accurate and most informative calendar. Their clients include the NHS,...


The Multifaith Calendar by the Multifaith Action Society

The Multifaith Calendar facilitates understanding of these faith occasions and festivals important to our diverse cultural communities, providing a starting point for dialogue, engagement and connections.