Definition of Variables Used in the Form


Project (Organization)
If the complete entry refers to an initiative or a project, this section contains the information on the organization, which funds this project or initiative. Please note that in most cases this field stays empty!
e.g. Project: United Nations of Civilizations. Organization: United Nations; Project: Harvard Pluralism Project; Organization: Harvard University)

List the abbreviation of the organization name used by the organization itself.
(e.g. United Religions Initiative: URI)

Office Location(s)
Provide all addresses of the office locations, also unofficial offices such as the living room of an organization’s founder.

Focus of Activity (Region Focus)
Indicate all countries the organization has activities in. This is a decisive factor if an organization is international or national.

If the organization has a website, please indicate.

Indicate email address of the organization for general inquiries.

Add information of your contact person from the organization (name, email address)

Type of Organization
We have developed a set of typologies to describe organizations and assigning each of them a colour-codes on the map.

Please indicate whether an organization is a Governmental or not Governmental Organization, a Research Institution, or Informal Entity.
Should none of the indicated types fit, kindly add as other.

  • Governmental Organisations: National and international governmental organisations such as ministries, municipalities, state founded and funded organisations, etc.
  • Not Governmental Organisations: NGO, FBO, Religious, Foundations, Commercial Enterprises, etc.
  • Research Institutions: Universities, Educational Institutions, Think Tanks, etc.
  • Informal Entities: Facebook groups, networks, conferences, community groups, etc.
  • Other

Religious Affiliation
If the organization has a religious affiliation, indicate he categories of religious affiliation: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Secular, Other with the affiliation in brackets (at the moment Other includes Jainism and Shintoism), and No Information, if an affiliation is not stated.

Structure / Staff
If available, please include the structure of the organization such as key organs and committee as well as the number of paid employees and volunteers.

Include the foundation year of the organization.

Provide the principal objectives of the organization. The information indicated is usually based on the organization’s mission statement.

General Activities
Indicate a summary incl. title of the organization's activities and programmes NOT related to interreligious dialogue.

IRD Activities
A summary incl. title of the organization's activities and programmes with explicit focus on interreligious dialogue are provided. In addition, the geographical locations of the given interreligious dialogue activities are indicated.

(e.g. Platform - Interreligious Dialogue: DREP Centre brings together youths, women, leaders and other grassroots members of various religious, political and ethnic leaders and groups to experience and learn together the art of dialogue, reconciliation and peace building. They provide an opportunity for sharing of experiences to promote trust and reconciliation, which will in turn equip the participants for peace building in their own communities. Abuja, Nigeria)

Indicate all partner and member organizations as well as any affiliates of the organization. Please provide the name and the location (city and country) of those partner organizations. Please also include well known individuals that interact with the organization and support their work.